Bitsy Favorite for the Itsy…Tiny Bunny Kids!

While we continue our never-ending search for cute “play clothes” we came across this adorable brand on Etsy and thought you’d want to hop on this train with us…to Latvia. Tiny Bunny Kids (on Etsy) has a simple, yet sweet approach to children’s wear.  Their little rompers and jumpers and skirts are to die for and they won’t break the bank. All of their pieces are made to order and they use all natural fabrics. Yipee! So if you are like us and you’re sick of cringing when the littles choose their fanciest for a day in preschool or kindergarten, have some of these cute options from Tiny Bunny Kids on-hand for them to sport!

Our faves that will be in our closet this fall…

Inexpensive fashions for children

Inexpensive fashions for children

Inexpensive fashions for children

Inexpensive fashions for children

Inexpensive fashions for children

History Major

We’ve been organizing our summer reading list and these beauties are at the top! Pull up a beach, lounge or rocking chair and enjoy learning about, well, a whole lot! History major quality for our little ones! There are SO many people to learn about here…where to begin?! (We started with Stevie since his “Stevie Wonder’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 2” record (yes, record!) has become our family’s favorite jam at home). Link below!


You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby

As most you know, we have been in the midst of moving our home. A temporary home-base with most of our “stuff” in storage is quite liberating, to be honest! As I’ve chosen between the things we cannot live without for six months and the things that can definitely take a rest in storage I have come across some sentimental items that have really tugged at my heart strings. Believe me, we are ready for our next chapter, but our old house had truly been our home for the past 9 years so every corner had a memory. Right before we moved I came across…

The Baby Books. It has become my mission to make sure my girls’ baby books are full. Notice how I didnt use the word “complete”. I try to be as realistic as I can (most of the time) and now that we have 2 kiddos I realize that life takes over and I am not sitting in my robe sipping coffee filling in special memories in the girl’s baby books as they play in the background on a weekend morning. Instead, I am fitting in what I can remember, taping in the announcements, invitations and photos. When we had Lucy, my oldest sister gave us her baby book and I instantly fell in love with it. It is a gorgeous fabric-covered binder with a beautiful Swiss embroidered baby gown on the front including her name in a beautiful embroidered script with her birth date. The pages are organized with specific fill-ins so all I have to do is write in the information.  This has made it easier for me to fill the info in and paste special clippings. Pictured below are a few of our favorite baby books from Marcela Creations (Lucy + Greer’s is the one to the far right)…

We thank you for your patience through our recent big life change! We have a lot of fun up our sleeves and hope you stick with us to catch it all. We will try to be as consistent as possible, but appreciate your endless understanding as we get our family settled. Cant wait to share as we make our new home our own through these next months. Cheers!


Bitsy Favorite for the Itsy…ROCKY RACOON APPAREL!

It is no secret that Bitsy loves Etsy. They are a “go-to” for us. It always feels like a bonus purchasing from Etsy, too, because it is a community of talented folks trying to make a living. So you really feel like you’re supporting something awesome, something creative.

Rocky Racoon Apparel on Etsy captured our attention first by their sweet and fun patterns and then as we dove in deeper we were giddy about the ease of their styles. True play clothing, but with a fun twist and personality. Girly, flirty tops and sweet styles for babies and toddlers…all in organic cotton and printed with non-toxic water-based ink prints. You can tell there is an attention to detail as each item is handmade. You just can’t go wrong here. Below are our top picks:

We also fell in love with this:

Rocky Racoon Apparel + Philomena Kloss Human Bear collaborated to create these adorable gifting sets. We’re obsessed and we’re keeping them in mind for our next baby gift or big brother/big sister gift!

Late to the Party…Hip Hip Hooray, It’s Valentine’s Day!

As you know, we never like to leave anyone out, so after finding these adorable Valentine’s day finds we had to share them with you! Just too cute to pass up for the big V-day…

Valentine's Day gift and outfit ideas for children and kids











OohLaLollipop on Etsy Felt Heart Cookie Cut-Out Set, $36-

Valentine's Day gift and outfit ideas for children and kids















PluckyMustard on Etsy You Are So Loved T-shirt, $24-

Valentine's Day gift and outfit ideas for children


















OohLaLollipop on Etsy Felt Heart Cookie Pops, $16- (Set of 2)

*All photos credited to their brands

Hip Hip Hooray for Valentine’s Day! XOXO

Getting the Littles Ready for Valentine’s Day

We just love Valentine’s Day…and always plan our outfits carefully. Today, we are sharing some top picks we have found shopping around. We hope these little styles spread a ton of love on February 14th!



Cienta Mary Jane Shoe, $12.99-

SewnNatural on Etsy Girls Dress with Red Velvet Heart and Peter Pan Collar, $78-

Pink Hearts Supergas, $106-

The Wishing Elephant Coversation Heart Crewneck Sweatshirt, $22-

Sons and Daughters Eyewear XO Sunglasses, $115-

The Wishing Elephant Coversation Heart Crewneck Sweatshirt, $22-

June and January The Tank Jumper in Poppy Stripe, $29-

Pipsticks Kawaii Valentine’s Pack, $19.95-

June and January The Twirl Skirt in Poppy Stripe, $19-

Don’t these picks make you super excited to celebrate some l-o-v-e?!  We ordered the Wishing Elephant’s Conversation Heart Sweatshirt for each of the girls. We can’t wait to get them all dressed up for the occasion :)!

*All photos credited to their brands.

Memory Lane by Meminio

With our house on the market and Lucy starting Kindergarten this year, we’re realizing we need to 1. consolidate and 2. organize. And, since at Bitsy we basically shop for a living, we took on the task of locating a good looking, smart organization system.  For some reason this category has been quite challenging…until…Meminio came into our lives.

Meminio is a British gifting company that creates lovely ways to organize your child’s memories. They are bringing us back to simpler times and helping us keep track of the things that are really important for our children. They have just launched their Memory Case in Cream. Lined with a nostalgic printed fabric, this beautifully decorated case is available in a small and large size in order to accommodate their first pair of shoes and hospital band to even their much adorned lovie (when the time comes! Tear.). Each case shares an option for personalization – a charming luggage tag that belts on to the case’s handle. What a perfect baby gift!

What we love most about the memory case (and, really, all of their products!) is that they are simply and stunningly designed so you can use them as decor in your child’s room, family or living room. This also helps (us!) with the problem of ‘not enough storage space’, so no need to find room for them in a closet!

Check them out – Meminio. We hope you enjoy your stroll down memory lane…we know your children will thank you when they take their trip in years to come…

*Photo Credit: Meminio.

Bitsy Favorite for the Itsy…Tia Cibani Kids!

Hi there, folks! HAPPY 2017!! Can you believe it, another year?! Yahoo! We can’t wait to dive in…

That being said, we thought we’d start this year off with a bang. A great big “Bitsy Favorite for the Itsy” bang! Tia Cibani is a brand we’ve been following since we first fell in love at a Playtime NY market show.  A veteran in the women’s wear market, Tia decided to dip into the children’s world and has since been crushing it! Her designs are playful and fun, frequently drawing from global inspiration which lends much enjoyment to the eye. Each piece is like a wearable piece of art. The heirloom quality and bright perspective are what won over our hearts. And each piece is special enough on its own, but also leaves room for your own personal styling as well. Tia Cibani Kids makes it easy while walking on the wild side! Her fabrics are insanely amazing and the way it all comes together really rocks our world.

Take a look at Tia’s brilliant collection on their (new!) website:


As always, we are showcasing some of our favorite pieces below. Head to her website to snag some pieces for your little one – and everything is on sale today – 30% off!

Photo Credit: Tia Cibani


Shop Small Saturday

In the spirit of the American Express Shop Small Saturday initiative, we want to remind you all to get out to your favorite small shops tomorrow! Bitsy feels strongly about the “Ma & Pa” shops especially because they are the places where we gain our most creativity + inspiration. The owners pour their hearts into serving communities and for that we are forever grateful! Find some treasures for you + yours this holiday season…SHOP SMALL tomorrow!!!!

As we prepare our new BITSY site, we would love to share a new feature that will be popping up on BITSYSTYLE.COM. A “Shop Small” page where Bitsy will showcase children’s boutiques we stumble upon in our Bitsy travels. Our list is off to a great start, so we decided to share with you the amazing Brick + Mortars we have been collecting a little early to help get the SHOP SMALL campaign rolling…



Bringing Up Baby

Kodomo Boston


Taylor + Max


Pink Lemon Blue Lime

Wiggles + Giggles


Lily Pad


Grass Stains Boutique

Little Bean Shop



Space Kiddets

(More to come with the launch of our new site!!)


*Photo Credit: American Express

Bitsy Favorite for the Itsy…OMY DESIGN + PLAY!

OMY Design + Play is a Bitsy favorite. It is no secret. We have been blogging about them since we discovered them a while back and really can’t get enough of their creativity. And just when we think we had all of their amazing creations, they pop up with another awesome and super inspiring project! So, with holiday shopping on our minds we thought we should give them a true Bitsy shout-out and help you stuff your stockings while we’re at it…

Here are some ideas by OMY that are on our list this Holiday season. Enjoy!


Photo Credit: OMY Design + Play