cheeseburger in paradise

We could not resist this Kira Kids tee when we spotted it. Or these shorties from SweetpeaclosetDesign on Etsy! Perfection. We thought we’d share how Lucy will be wearing them this season. This is an outfit to celebrate all things summer, that’s for sure!

Enjoy + don’t forget the pickle!

Find them here:

Kira Kids Burger A La Carte Crew Neck Tee, $35-

SweetpeaclosetDesign on Etsy Summer Shorties in Red, $18-

bitsy favorite for the itsy…NOCH MINI!

Bitsy is pumped to introduce you to a brand that enthusiastically follows an organic way of life. Meet Noch Mini. The name NOCH signifies “the basic and majority elements of everything living & organic – N(nitrogen), O (oxygen), C (carbon), H (hydrogen)”. Bitsy has shared organic brands with you in the past – we are definitely passionate about what materials we put on our sweet babies’ + childrens’ skin. Noch Mini uses only certified organic materials and low-impact dyes. We applaud and thank them for their thoughtfulness!

It can be difficult to find adorable options that are also 100% healthy for our pipsqueaks’ little bods. Well, not only does Noch stand by its organic promise, but the designer, Jina Jang, does not skimp on style + trend when creating her collections. Without further adieu, let us introduce you to NOCH MINI…

Bits from Noch Mini’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

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Bits from Noch Mini’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collection (coming soon!)

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(Here, Jina was inspired by Marc Chagall’s “Esquisse pour la vie” painting)

Check out more yummy pieces from their spring/summer collection at Stay tuned for fall/winter!

land of the FREE (+ well-dressed!)

4th of July

Bitsy loves to dress the part, especially on holidays! Snag some of these stars + stripe options to make your Independence Day an all-around celebration!!

Top Row:

peek kids declare independence tee, $28-

wolf + rita catia stripes dress, $61.94- (was $88.78-)

egg baby tennis dress, $51-

h&m ruffled swimsuit in blue, $14.95-

Middle Row:

lulu dk child skipper “give back” tee, $18-

(a percentage of each sale will be donated to the New York Head and Neck Institute Foundation to help cure children with brain tumors)

motoreta navy short, $47-

h&m shoes in dark blue, $14.95-

h&m henley shirt, $12.95-

Bottom Row:

neck + neck blue check shirt, $45.07-

twizzlers pull ‘n peel (raspberry, wild berry + lemonade), $12-

more + co. baby bloomers in stars + stripes, $34-(per pair)


late to the party…

These few items missed the “in my Easter bonnet” party last week and Bitsy didn’t want its readers to miss out on a few additional ideas…

Albetta Kissing Bunnies Baby Gift Set, $58.26-

(also available in pink/white…and for those of you familiar with Kissy Kissy fabrics, Albetta’s cotton is just as luscious)

Old Navy Boys Blue/Silver Bulldog Sunglasses, $5-

Little Chook (on Etsy) Rabbit L/S Tee, $27.35-

*Also a quick follow-up on the Twig Creative Wooden Toy Camera that was featured in the orginal “in my Easter bonnet” post last Monday 3.24.14. The Easter Bunny may be adding it to Lucy’s basket (and since it arrived last week) it is SUCH an adorable toy! It also doubles as an accessory! There will be lots of great “Say Cheese!” moments with this one for sure…

sing (+ dress!) yourself happy…Brooklyn style

in-spi-ra-tion – noun.

the process of being mentally stimulated to do

or feel something, especially to do 

something creative

 I am always looking for inspiration – whether it be in someone else’s style, a new funky color, food or music I try to notice what makes me tick and note it away for safe keeping. You never know when you’re going to need a little inspiration. Lucky for me, we took Lucy to see THE POP UPS in concert on Monday. After the show my insides were bursting with inspiration! I would definitely consider us a musical family – my husband plays guitar among other instruments and we all just really appreciate what music does to us and how it inspires mostly everyone around us. That being said, after the show we were all feeling very tickled with inspiration!

For those of you that don’t know The Pop Ups, you have to check them out! They are a Brooklyn-based, Grammy nominated(!) musical duo that creates funky children’s songs that (believe me) even parents want to jam out to. They instantly grab their audiences attention by wildly performing their music using cardboard props, hand-painted sets and a colorful cast of original puppets. At our show they even threw out big + colorful beach balls in the audience so kids could ping them to one another. Just really fun stuff. Check them out here – THE POP UPS – to learn more and see when they may be rocking a house near you soon!

Here they are getting down to business…

The Pop Ups in Action

Since I had so much inspiration in my bones, I also hit up some fun Brooklyn-based children’s designers + web shops to see what the hipsters are up to. Check out these adorable finds (there is SO much more to share…stay tuned!)…

21- SING (and dress!) yourself happy...Brooklyn style


leftatsuyo et akiko je t’aime B’lyn raglan pullover on $48-

rightatsuyo et akiko je t’aime B’lyn tee on $40-


leftkallio nyc shirt dress, 88-

*LOVE this concept – the founder, karina kallio re-imagines basic vintage clothing from previous generations into one-of-a-kind styles for the next. she’s got some really sweet pieces

right maptote B’lyn onesie on, $26-


leftmaptote B’lyn tote on, $17-

rightmaptote park slope tote on, $26-