One of Bitsy’s most coveted brands, Misha + Puff, has just launched a piece for all you stylish + hip mamasitas!!!! We are super in love with this sweater and want to get our hands on one ASAP. An ode to their very special and signature children’s Popcorn Sweater they are offering this wear-with-everything piece that you will cherish in YOUR closet for years to come. And, in honoring our “hand-me-down” mission statement, we believe your daughters will thank you to find this sweater when they are grown for their wardrobes. Look at that – it can work both ways!!

Made from merino wool by expert artisans in Peru, this sweater is one size with a drop sleeve and is being offered in 3 colors – Confetti, Nutmeg + Midnight. The cozy silhouette with its mock neck can be dressed up or down and will carry you through these next several months for many different occasions.

Here is a sneak-peek:

Misha + Puff Adult Popcorn Sweater

 Misha + Puff Adult Popcorn Sweater

HEADS-UP: Misha + Puff only created 100 of these gorgeous babies, so get a move on so you don’t miss out…

Happy Autumn!

*Photo Credit: Misha + Puff




bitsy favorite for the itsy…MISHA + PUFF!

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I don’t know about you, but this is what we want to be wearing since these colder temps have started to hit! Misha + Puff, a children’s knitwear brand, really got it right. They bring us back to our handmade family knit gifts. Those pieces that can’t be replaced, are worthy of a thousand compliments and can be handed down through the generations. Their pieces each have a vintage-y feel, but their choice of colors and patterns are updated and can be styled in a classic and modern way. Plus, nothing beats their warmth, especially in this frigid weather.

This is our favorite part – each piece is designed in the US by Anna Wallack. They are then hand made in Peru where the women who knit them are given opportunities to support their families through working from home or at a knitting center that provides meals and childcare. And when you receive your item you will find the name of each knitter on the hang tag. Personalization to make your heirloom piece that much more special…bravo!

Misha + Puff’s winter collection was inspired by the New England seaside and landscape. Near and dear to Bitsy’s heart, of course, especially as we head into the Holiday season in New England. This collection is constructed with soft merino wool or alpaca. The Peruvian detailing is exceptional – pom poms, popcorn and zig zag designs that are timeless. Honestly, when we went to pick our favorite pieces to feature in this post we could not decide…so we went with a generous sampling. But to get your hands on your own picks and see even more of this special collection, head to


love is in the air

A little Valentine’s charm to get you + the itties excited for a day full of XOs…

65 - love is in the air

First (Top) Row (Left to Right):

Joyfolie New Vivian, $62-

YarningMade on Etsy XO Knitted Baby Blanket, $119.21-

Patagonia Baby Down Sweater, $99-

RainbowMittens on Etsy Kids’ Earmuffs, $27.83-

Second Row (Left to Right):

Polarn O. Pyret Jaquard Print Winter Hat, $14.99- (was $30.50-)

Old Navy Boys Hooded Color-Block Jacket in Lost at Sea Navy, $36-

Maa Shoes C23 El Dorado 5ROSL, $156.25-

Frankie and Sue Heidi Headwrap, $14-

Third Row (Left to Right):

American Apparel Kids’ Shiny Leggings, $11- (was $21-)

ivylanedesigns on Etsy kids’ Conversation Heart Crayons Set of 5, $8.95-

YarningMade on Etsy Knitted Hot Pink Heart Baby Blanket, $94.55-

Joyfolie New Molly (in Melba), $76-

Fourth Row (Left to Right):

mimiikids on Etsy Girls Sweatshirt Grils Top, $28-

mimiikids on Etsy Girls Blouse in Red White Gingham, $30-

swallowsreturn on Etsy Red Cotton Bloomers/Shorts/Diaper Cover, $22-


bitsy favorite for the itsy…MOTORETA!

It was love at first sight.

A stunning brand named Motoreta came into our lives not too long ago and we can’t get enough. The sophisticated yet playful flow of both design + architecture had us at “hello”. We’ve featured them before, but wanted to take an opportunity to single them out for their amazing-ness. Please let us introduce you to our obsession…

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These are a few pieces from Motoreta’s Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection. “The Kids Are Alright” assortment was inspired to protect our little ones from the cold by using “cold colors” such as grey, black, dark brown + denim wrap on the outside of the garments. Then in the inside they added colors that “kid’s dreams are made of” such as yellow, pink, water blue + green. Who can resist?!

Motoreta is a team of 2 architects – Cristina + Maria – with a very acute sense of fashion design. The two team up every season to pull inspiration from art, song, colors + the place where they live (Seville, Spain – yes, please!!). Their concept from inception has been “think global, produce local” and their “slow life philosophy” shines through their incredible creations for our younger generation. The intricacy in each piece proves that they place much emphasis on creating their own brand + lifestyle. We hope you jump for joy as much as we have when looking at the creations this dynamic duo has produced!

For more information on the Motoreta brand, visit!

RAH RAH sis boom BAH!

RAH RAH sis boom BAH!

Give me a “B”!

Give me an “I”!

Give me a “T”!

Give me an “S”!

Give me a “Y”! 

What does it spell?!?!


Bitsy loves this time of year – autumn approaching and the football season in swing. Take a peek at these adorable (+ can be personalized with a name and/or number!) sports-themed knit sweaters. They are offered in so many varieties – all different sports (football, lax, baseball, etc.), custom alumni + pro sports teams. You can design your own sweater and make cheering that much more fun! Adorable for girls & boys and offered in sizes preemie (gasp!) to size 12!


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I (along with anyone who knows me well) consider myself a “Type A” personality.  I am always planning ahead and checking things off my list.  However, I find that keeping up with my daughter Lucy’s wardrobe has challenged me over the past 2 years.  We are extremely lucky to not only inherit hand-me-downs from my 3 stylish nieces, but also receive a slew of vintage hand-me-downs from my Mother and Aunts.  My Mom, God bless her, saved a lot of our significant pieces – sailor-style dresses from England, “Fieldston Man Tailored” wool dress coats, “Zips” sneakers, “Osh Kosh B’Gosh” over-all jumpers and pants.  The list goes on and on! These inheritances have sometimes allowed me to neglect purchasing some of the vital pieces Lucy may need season-to-season – for example, sweaters for the wintertime.  Even though my Mom saved quite a few of mine, Lucy has needed some versatile day-to-day options that will carry her wardrobe through to the next (in this case, warmer) season. Sweaters she can be “Lucy” in that will give her a stylish look all at the same time.

 Lucy received many incredible gifts when she was first born, but one of my most favorite packages was from Petit Bateau (love from a close friend). Before I even opened the box I knew I would adore what was inside.  Petit Bateau has always been a favorite brand of mine – for myself and for children.  They pride themselves on timeless, unique style and high quality wear. One of the pieces inside the box was a beautiful wool cardigan in a putty color.  This was an extremely generous gift, but I must say that Lucy wore it the most out of any of her other clothing (so worth every penny!).  She sported it for 2 years (I just had to put it in a storage bin!) and it really was a staple in her wardrobe . I paired it with jeans/cords, as a jacket on milder days, skirts, over dresses, you name it.

Here are some sweater picks that might help your child get through these next cold months.  They can play a key role in their day-to-day active wear or act as a cozy, yet dressy option with jeans/cords/woolies/leggings/dresses/skirts on a blustery day.  Most of these options can be considered unisex…

a. petit bateau girl’s wool and cotton cable knit cardigan, $92-

b. polarn o. pyret shawl neck button sweater, $49.50

c. caramel baby & child sherbourne merino wool cardigan, $137.74

d. frankie & ava hand knitted cable cardigan, $98-

e. frankie & ava hand knitted peacoat, $124-

f. nico-nico amp pullover, $172-

g. h&m boys knit cardigan (cotton & wool blend), $24.95

h. mini bamba apparel shawl sweater, $24-

i. noro paris andre cardigan, $56.33

(side note: I’m not one to spring for luxury when it comes to my 2-year old’s sweater selection, but the higher-quality options can be put to great use and eventually be handed down.)

*Petit Bateau holds a sale in-store about 2x/year (they also send online shopping discounts via email frequently)!  Sign up to receive their information here –

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