Children's playdates

What happens when 2 creative blogging mamas get their itty bitties together for a play date?! AWESOME-NESS!

We were recently visiting Boston and had the opportunity to hook up with Surahbi of Third Eye Chic and her two sweet-cheeked daughters. Bitsy is all about finding creativity and after having met Surahbi through Bitsy it made perfect sense to get our little ones together for a city playdate! Surahbi is a talented photographer that started blogging about her fashion and her children’s fashion for similar reasons to me. We share a lot of similarities yet feed off of our differences.

If you ever find yourself in Boston (or live there!), definitely reach out to Surahbi of Third Eye Chic Studio to get some memories photographed. She is amazing! And if you want to get acquainted with her aesthetic and talent, head to her BLOG!

It was really neat to see how all 4 of our munchkins interacted with their own little style. They each own their aesthetics so completely. 2 creative mamas + 4 creative kiddos = total inspiration. After leaving Frieda Garcia Park in the South End of Boston we walked away with some great photos, new friendships and a ton of inspiration. One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about Bitsy are the connections I’ve made with other passionate folks. It fuels me, it fuels the inspiration behind Bitsy. Getting myself and my aesthetic out there has led me down such a cool path. I can’t wait for more!!

Come along on our Boston playdate below…We hope you get excited, inspired, creative…

*Above photo credit: Third Eye Chic Studio

Bloggers in training (love this!):

And, the mamas behind the blogging/camera:

This first one makes my heart happy – trying to get our girls (in major summer heat) to “smile” one last time with their mamas 🙂

Children's Playdate

The girls are wearing:

Neve – H&M Top, Bobo Choses Skirt, Saltwater Sandals

Ona – Tiny Cottons Top, Gap Shorts, Saltwater Sandals

Lucy – La Coqueta Dress, Saltwater Sandals, Heritage Rows Bow

Greer – My Old Dress, Saltwater Sandals, Heritage Rows Bow

They are all sporting Flash Charms Necklaces as well!

bitsy favorite for the itsy…FLEUR + DOT!

Fleur + Dot

Get ready to be brought back. Here’s to classic silhouettes, beautiful details and special pieces to be handed down.

Please let us introduce you to Fleur + Dot. (Maybe we should warn you that there is a major lovefest going on here). Bitsy was lucky enough to shoot a few snippets from their current collection on two of our favorite little ladies. (Don’t worry – they have stunning creations for boys, too!). Head on over to their site to scope out the entire line (link below). But while you are here, check out what Bitsy put together for our photo shoot. This is how we would style them…

There are not enough words to illustrate the perfect-ness of this collection – we think the pieces say it all. The vintage style details (short puff sleeves, snap pearl buttons, peter pan collars, the fabrics…) really capture the honest simplicity that children rock. Or as Fleur + Dot puts it, “Handmade Childhoods”.


cheers to st. patrick

My mind is now set on Lucy’s St. Patrick’s Day outfit. (Apologies for not sharing her Valentine’s outfit…turns out she didn’t even wear it because she was sick…So we hung out in our cozies all day). Check out what I found to keep your little paddies in the LUCKY mood…

cheers to st. patrick

Mini and Maximus Snoozer Hoodie, $48-

My Sweetie Bean on Etsy Apple Green Striped Hair Bow, $4.50-

Mini A Ture Mico Granddad T-Shirt, Green with Star Print, $31.69-

Shop Bando Shine Classic Headband in Mint, $8-

Bobo Choses Mini Skirt Dots, $39.77-

Old Navy Roll-Cuff Skinny Khakis for Baby in ‘Make A Mint’, $19.94-

Morgan and Milo Boy’s Slip-On CVO Shoes, $14.99-

Pink Chicken Fur Ponytail, $15-

Kakabaka on Etsy Shamrock Baby Leg Warmers, $13-


organic chemistry

Organic. Here’s a word that’s been popping up a lot lately – And rightfully so. Not only is organic something we should be tuning into when choosing what we put into our bodies, but we should also be paying attention to what we put on our bodies. Especially our children’s bodies.

 Here’s the low-down…

Just like in some of the foods we purchase, cotton is often treated with harmful chemicals that cannot always be washed away. Therefore, our children’s skin, at its most sensitive state, is absorbing these harmful chemicals. FYI, even some organic choices are sometimes not 100% guaranteed chemical-free. This does not mean that all non-organic cotton is harmful to our bodies.  However, since I do believe our society needs to cut out more chemicals to keep up with our health I felt compelled to share. There are also some children that can ONLY wear organic clothing due to skin conditions such as Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex. In my Bitsy travels I’ve landed on some really great “organic” children’s clothing brands and below give you a small sampling of what they have to offer. (Not too bad, huh?!) When you have a chance to pop over to any of these adorable websites you can gain a greater understanding as to why this organic clothing movement is important. You will also have an opportunity to learn more about the fine print. Since I do not consider myself an expert on this topic, I thought I would graze the surface in order to introduce you to these great webshops + brands. *Note that not each of these web shops carry organic clothing exclusively…in this case, take a look out for their “organic” section. Organic Paper Bag Skirt, $38- Organic Paper Bag Skirt, $38-

Bloume Baby Candy Organic Dress, $80.97- Candy Organic Dress, $80.97-

Kids Case Go Gently Baby Jacket, $46.80- (was $78-) Go Gently Baby Jacket, $46.80- (was $78-)

Little Vida Prep School Blazer, $56- Prep School Blazer, $56-

Soft Clothing



Bitsy wishes you and your family a very HAPPY, HEALTHY + BRIGHT 

Holiday + New Year!

Looking forward to more styling in 2014!!


In this picture Lucy is wearing: *target “circo” white l/s tee, *everbloom studio pink dot soda circle skirt, *gap kids metallic silver ballet flats, *old navy gray cable knit tights, *chewbeads juniorbeads bleecker jr. necklace in punchy pink

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