Party Animal! Bitsy Birthday Wishes…

Birthday Wishes - Silhouette Picture

Our littles turned the big TWO on Saturday! We threw her a fun family party and she had a fabulous day! I am going to be honest – this post is being published after the celebration because September is kicking this Mama’s bum! And, of course, we wanted to fully enjoy Greer’s special day with her without any stress.

So, here it is! Our “party animal” birthday silhouette. Greer is obsessed with dogs and all animals so the theme was perfect. The silhouette is a picture of Greer I took while she was pulling her favorite Scotty dog one day. Friends gave her the Scotty for her first birthday last year, but you can find it on Amazon – Janod Crazy Scotty Pull Toy. Of course, our favorite Gina Pasini of Aabcdefginaa on Etsy created this incredible silhouette of Greer from our picture. You can head to her Etsy Shop and see what other beautiful silhouettes she has created. To check out previous silhouettes from Gina created for BITSY you can click the following BITSY links:

Lucy turns 5!

Lucy turns 4!

Lucy turns 3!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet Greer! We love “chewww”….

HI FIVE! Bitsy Birthday Wishes…

Children's Silhouette 5th Birthday


And, POOF!, just like that our little string bean is FIVE! As you may remember, every year we take Lucy’ s picture for her birthday and have her silhouette created. This year we went with the “HI FIVE” theme and couldn’t love it any more (thank you to one of our favorite blogs Cloudy Day Gray for the inspiration!). Check out previous themes from past years below…

Lucy turns 4!

Lucy turns 3!

Bitsy was in the planning stages when Lucy turned 2, so here is a snapshot of her silhouette from her 2nd Birthday…

Children's Silhouette 2nd Birthday

For information on how to get your little one’s silhouette done by our amazing artist visit the shop below (make sure to tell the owner, Gina, we are Bitsy friends!)…

aabcdefginaa on Etsy

Make sure to tell Gina we are Bitsy friends!

fun in the sun

Lucy Silhouette Pale Pink

We have missed you quite a bit, but Bitsy has been enjoying our summer vacation very much. We’ve had a lot of fun activities going on – knocking some things off of our bucket list (head here to see the list), a 4th birthday for our #1 inspiration chick (see above + info below) and some great family time.

Get excited because we’re starting to think fall collections and are ready spaghetti to share our finds with you in the upcoming weeks + months! Don’t worry, we will have you geared up for back-to-school, cooler temps + holiday planning. In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine + sandals, the warm temps + sundresses and the shades + culottes!

In other news, this weekend we are headed to Playtime NY and ENK Children’s Club to grab a look at Spring/Summer 2016 collections! Super pumped. As usual, stay tuned!

This year in Lucy’s silhouette she is eating cotton candy. Doesn’t it look delicious?! THANK YOU (once again) to Gina Pasini at aabcdefginaa on Etsy. You knocked it out of the park (or should we say candy store?!)! See for yourself Gina’s beautiful silhouette creations – aabcdefginaa on Etsy.


bitsy birthday wishes

Lucy Silhouette for Bitsy


Thank you for your inspiration EVERY.SINGLE.DAY…You are the style to our lives!

We love, love you!!

Silhouette Credit:

Gina Pasini, of the shop Aabcdefginaa on Etsy, has been silhouetting our lives for the past 3 years. She is extremely talented, up-to-the-minute and just a true pleasure + joy to work with…Check out her shop NOW!

Every year we take an “action” picture of Lucy and send it to Gina – she then creates beautiful silhouettes that grasp the heart of our Lulu. We use them throughout the year on her birthday invitations, thank you notes, party + gift cards and it is such a special way to document how she’s grown year-to-year.