We love PLAYTIME New York!

If you can believe it, it is was time to preview the children’s wear 2017 spring/summer collections at PLAYTIME NEW YORK this week. Bitsy hit the scene eager to meet up with old friends and have them show us their new tricks as well as introduce ourselves to new friends (new finds are a favorite jam!). We left with a FRENZY of excitement…spring/summer 2017 is going to be A-MAZING. Just you wait!

Even though these pieces + collections will not launch until 2017, we’ve got a Bitsy preview of the show for you below. It was difficult to pick favorites since the entire Playtime show inspired the heck out of us, but we think you will appreciate the pieces that really caught our eye. Artistic, thoughtful + colorful fabrics, flouncy, layered + easy silhouettes, rompers, sporty styles, a touch on 70s classics, etc – all creations scream summer vacation! We’ll have full stories + collections in the late winter and early spring 2017, so stay tuned for sure. But for now, enjoy a flavor of what we were able to experience this past weekend…

Playtime New York Children's and Kid's Market and Trade Show

bitsy favorite for the itsy…RASPBERRY PLUM!

Feeling funky?! If not, this collection from Raspberry Plum will certainly help…

Raspberry Plum is a sustainable, organic brand based out of London that we were pleasantly introduced to at a Playtime NY market show last year. We were immediately drawn to their booth by the colors and patterns of the collection they were showcasing. As we looked at each piece individually, we couldn’t help but fall in love with every aspect of the brand. Aleksandra, the owner and designer of Raspberry Plum explained how for this collection they started partnering with a non-profit organization in Serbia which is producing pompoms for their socks (see below). Icing on the cake! Bitsy has shared our favorite ensembles from her spring/summer 2016 collection with you here. The fun, geometric color-ways make us want to leap! (And give us hope that the weather will be warmer sooner rather than later!!)

130 - bitsy favorite for the itsy....RASPBERRY PLUM!

For incredible inspiration and funky feelings:


fun in the sun

Lucy Silhouette Pale Pink

We have missed you quite a bit, but Bitsy has been enjoying our summer vacation very much. We’ve had a lot of fun activities going on – knocking some things off of our bucket list (head here to see the list), a 4th birthday for our #1 inspiration chick (see above + info below) and some great family time.

Get excited because we’re starting to think fall collections and are ready spaghetti to share our finds with you in the upcoming weeks + months! Don’t worry, we will have you geared up for back-to-school, cooler temps + holiday planning. In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine + sandals, the warm temps + sundresses and the shades + culottes!

In other news, this weekend we are headed to Playtime NY and ENK Children’s Club to grab a look at Spring/Summer 2016 collections! Super pumped. As usual, stay tuned!

This year in Lucy’s silhouette she is eating cotton candy. Doesn’t it look delicious?! THANK YOU (once again) to Gina Pasini at aabcdefginaa on Etsy. You knocked it out of the park (or should we say candy store?!)! See for yourself Gina’s beautiful silhouette creations – aabcdefginaa on Etsy.


everybody deserves a little PLAYTIME

Playtime NY March 2015

Another knock-your-socks-off show! Playtime NY brought some major spice this weekend in NYC. To all of the participants – BRAVO! Bitsy is beyond inspired and – dare we say (after this winter, hah!) – beyond excited for the Autumn/Winter 2015 collections to launch!

We have a few snippets to share. Of course, we will be showing more when the time is right…