polka DOTTY

We scooped up a pair of these “Dungarees” for Lucy at The Babyccino Brooklyn Shop Up event in September and are so happy we did! Dotty Dungarees caught our eye with their very classic “overall” style that will always steal our hearts! The way they fall on a child’s silhouette is precious. We do love our skinny jeans and hip new cuts for the wee ones, but nothing beats a pair of adorable dungarees! They are comfortable and easy. Dotty’s winter dungarees are lined with a cozy jersey fabric to create a little extra warmth.  The the lining is viewable for an adorable + playful detail when rolled up and pinned at the ankle (so your munchkin can wear them for at least a year)! Also, they are the perfect hand-me-down piece, of course. We think they look amazing on both girls and boys, too!

Check out their adorable jumpers for girls as well!



easter best

With Easter around the corner, we thought we’d help you out (if your mind just isn’t warm enough yet – surprise!) to dress your little seedlings for the big day. Take a look…Bitsy’s got great looks for the really tiny peanuts as well as the older tykes…

74 - easter best LOOK 1

Fleurisse Leon Shore Club Light Blue Stripe Romper, $125-

The Wooden Soldier Navy Nautical Toddler Boy’s Shortall, $78-

Mayoral Baby Boys Blue Cotton Reversible Sun Hat, $20.93-

Mayoral Pale Blue Leather Pre-walker Shoes, $19.44-

74 - easter best LOOK 2

Mayoral Baby White Cotton Sun Hat, $20.93-

Petit Bebe by Anavini Infant Girls Pink Stripes Smocked Colorful Easter Bunny Dress, $52-

Lilly Pulitzer Baby Lilly Shift Dress, $48-

Frances Johnston Girls BLue Pique Easter Dress with White Collar, $62-

74 - easter best LOOK 3

Kayce Hughes Boy’s Polo, $46-

Kayce Hughes Boy’s Short, $42-

Osh Kosh B’Gosh Boy’s Canvas Pants in Blue, $13.99- (was $34-)

74 - easter best LOOK 4

The Wooden Soldier Bright Pink Diamonds Dress, starting at $114-

MonogrammedClothing on Etsy Blue Stripes Personalized Dress, $39-

74 - easter best LOOK 5


Little English Boys’ Knit Shirt in Light Blue, $16 (was $29-)

Crewcuts Boys’ Lightweight Chino Slim Fit in White, $49.50-

Busy Bees Kids Mac Blazer Navy Seersucker, $156-

74 - easter best LOOK 6

 White + Warren Baby Cotton Cardigan (YES!, they have a baby line now!), $90- (All colors)

BITSY wishes you and your families a VERY HAPPY EASTER!!!!

organic chemistry

Organic. Here’s a word that’s been popping up a lot lately – And rightfully so. Not only is organic something we should be tuning into when choosing what we put into our bodies, but we should also be paying attention to what we put on our bodies. Especially our children’s bodies.

 Here’s the low-down…

Just like in some of the foods we purchase, cotton is often treated with harmful chemicals that cannot always be washed away. Therefore, our children’s skin, at its most sensitive state, is absorbing these harmful chemicals. FYI, even some organic choices are sometimes not 100% guaranteed chemical-free. This does not mean that all non-organic cotton is harmful to our bodies.  However, since I do believe our society needs to cut out more chemicals to keep up with our health I felt compelled to share. There are also some children that can ONLY wear organic clothing due to skin conditions such as Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex. In my Bitsy travels I’ve landed on some really great “organic” children’s clothing brands and below give you a small sampling of what they have to offer. (Not too bad, huh?!) When you have a chance to pop over to any of these adorable websites you can gain a greater understanding as to why this organic clothing movement is important. You will also have an opportunity to learn more about the fine print. Since I do not consider myself an expert on this topic, I thought I would graze the surface in order to introduce you to these great webshops + brands. *Note that not each of these web shops carry organic clothing exclusively…in this case, take a look out for their “organic” section.

Bloumebaby.com Organic Paper Bag Skirt, $38-

Bloumebaby.com Organic Paper Bag Skirt, $38-

Bloume Baby

Kidscase.com Candy Organic Dress, $80.97-

Kidscase.com Candy Organic Dress, $80.97-

Kids Case

Littlevida.com Go Gently Baby Jacket, $46.80- (was $78-)

Littlevida.com Go Gently Baby Jacket, $46.80- (was $78-)

Little Vida

Softclothing.net Prep School Blazer, $56-

Softclothing.net Prep School Blazer, $56-

Soft Clothing

they’re comin’ to America…

Bitsy is excited to introduce you to three creative, unique + cutting-edge Scandinavian children’s wear designers that are recently making a name for themselves in America.  These three brands (listed below with links to their websites for a tiny taste of their aesthetic – the best is yet to come, believe me!) are very well established and highly regarded in Europe. Since the recent “Nordic Cool” trend in the States, Scandinavian + Nordic fashion designs are beginning to get noticed more and more around this neck of the woods. These three high quality brands are known to be fashionable yet practical, comfortable yet fun designs for children. Here’s the cherry on top –  they each use eco-friendly cotton, bamboo, soft merino + alpaca wool fabrics for their adorable creations (cozy!). How exciting for us that they are spreading their yummy-ness abroad!

Enjoy a sample of each designer’s current story + looks as well as a sneak peek of Milibe + Christina Rohde’s spring/summer 2014 collections…

(psst – you’ll  notice Bitsy’s favorite theme aesthetically – classic yet modern!)


(Currently sold at Sweet William in NYC + on the Milibe website. Once the autumn/winter 2014 line launches Milibe will be available in many shops in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore Metro Area, additional webshops, and TBD shops in America)

Check out what is to come in a few weeks:

17 - they're comin' to America (Milibe)


(The webshop is currently in the works, so please see below for wholesale/retail purchasing inquiry information)

Check out what is to come in a few weeks:

17 - they're comin' to America (Christina Rohde)


(Currently sold on the Dundelina website. When the autumn/winter 2014 line launches Milibe will be available in many shops in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore Metro Area, additional webshops as well as TBD shops in America)

Stay tuned to Bitsy for more from all three designers’ spring/summer + autumn/winter 2014 collections – coming soon!


Let’s Get Down to Business:

American wholesale buyers should contact Valerie Adelson at The Tak Agency (fun fact – “Tak” means “Thank You” in Danish :)) with any questions about these designers, including questions about American buyers’ online orders. Valerie can be reached via phone #.301.762.5272, fax #.240.536.9192, email: vadelson@comcast.net, or snail mail:11808 Becket Street, Potomac, Maryland 20854.

 In addition, for those located in the NYC Metropolitan area that are interested in purchasing wholesale or retail product from Christina Rohde please contact Faigy Drew at the Drew NY Showroomphone #.718.232.0012 or email: faigy@drew-ny.com. For those located in the NYC Metropolitan area that are interested in purchasing wholesale or retail product from Milibe please contact Stephanie Jenner at Le Passage Showroom New Yorkphone #. 212.594.3364, email: lepassageshowroom@gmail.com.

and a hug around the neck

Check out these absolute delicious infinity scarves for your mini-me! Okay, I can’t take credit for this adorable find. My sister, Meredith, has cool pouring out of her and always seems to come across awesome, unique pieces such as these. I’ve already ordered one of each for Lulu. There are additional fun patterns and solid options as well. They also come in women’s sizes so you and your peanut can match.  I love how they can’t just slip off of a little neck and get lost – there is so much paraphernalia to worry about in the winter (for ourselves and our kiddies!). Bundle Up Buddies will keep them warm in the winter and add a fun accessory to their outfits throughout the rest of the year.

Bundle Up Buddy, cotton $12-, flannel $14-

This little model definitely makes the scarves look that much cuter, huh?!