Say what?!

You heard us. Cinco de Mayo is almost here so we’re celebrating with The Mackie Dress. We’ve got the outfit for your girlies (and mamas, too, if you so desire!) for your fiesta! Mackie is a company that designs hand-embroidered, one-of-a-kind dresses for little girls and woman. Their signature styles are created by craftswomen in several towns in the Puebla region of Mexico. They are bright, light-weight, easy and funky. Definitely an item you want in their/your wardrobe mix this spring/summer!

We took a few shots of the girls in their Mackies on our last beach adventure to give you an idea of the silhouette, colors, fun, etc. Take a peak!

The Mackie dress for little girls on Bitsy

The Mackie dress for little girls on Bitsy

The Mackie dress for little girls on Bitsy

The Mackie dress for little girls on BitsyThe Mackie dress for little girls on Bitsy

So, pour yourself a margarita and go fiesta over at MACKIE to pick your colors! And really get your cinco on – Mackie is generously offering all Bitsy followers a 10% discount off of their purchase with code BITSY at checkout. Offer valid for one week (expires Wednesday, May 4th, 2016).

*Lucy is wearing the Girls Dress in Aqua and Greer is wearing the Babies & Toddlers Dress Raspberry. Lucy’s sombrero clip is available on AMAZON and the girls’ bows are HERITAGE ROWS.

Guess what?! (Pooter is what!)

You’re going to be a Grandmother!

Wait, no…

You’re going to be a Brother!

Wait, no…

Okay, you’re going to be very excited by this new sweet little company we’ve discovered!

Meet Pooter – – a new-ish gift company specializing in unique gifts to celebrate your most treasured, favorite moments in life. In 2013 they launched their company with their first collection of books titled “A present for my…”. These books tell a story of the journey a child went on to try to pick a present for a special adult in their life (mom, dad, uncle, aunt, etc…), but in the end they wind up scraping all of their nutty ideas and get them a gorgeous pair of socks. Adorable and clever.

In 2015 Pooter created their second collection (or “range”). This series is called the “You’re going to be…” (a sister, a father, an aunt, a grandfather, etc…). The books come with 2 different size socks (one for the gift giver and one for the receiver!). How fun, right?! And these book sets are just as fun and beautiful to look at as well. The illustrations are super fun and colorful. The shades Pooter uses are exceptional and even more vibrant in person. Their price-point is extraordinary and they ship for free worldwide!!

Well, up in this Bitsy hood we are always, always, always looking for gift ideas and these little books are the perfect option for the expectant – well – anything, really! Pooter’s books offer an easy, yet thoughtful gift idea for those needing a fresh take on life’s biggest moments.

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Head to POOTER to see the entire product catalog!

*Photo Credit, Pooter

we heart you, earth

In honor of EARTH DAY today, we thought we would find some cute earth-y picks for the little ones to wear with pride.

Cute, huh?! We hope you are doing something green to celebrate today. How lucky we are to have such a beautiful earth!!!!

Zaikamoya Big Tulip Top, $128-

Lola & Stella Organic Baby Blanket in Cactus, from $50-

H&M Boy’s Printed T-shirt, $9.99-

Sadie Then Ty Lola Ruffle Sleeve Top in Jumbo Sunflower Motif, $42-


You are invited





in New York City!

Meet Papergirl Collection’s super inspirational designer Ana Bianchi to understand the magic behind her fabulous brand and view the amazing SS16 collection in person! The event is this Thursday, April 21st from 12-6pm on the Seventh Floor of Bergdorf Goodman (5th Avenue at 58th Street – – children welcome! Receive a gift with your purchase (yipee!)!

Papergirl’s inspiration comes from nature, world cultures, art and timeless childhood fantasies and they bring that inspiration to life on paper through drawings. Their beautiful creations are then embroidered or digitally printed to design wearable art. As they explain on their site – “It is as if the dress was a page from an artist’s drawing pad or an illustrated book.” Fabulous + well done.

Here is a snippet from Ana’s wonderfully curated collection…

If you can’t make it to the viewing, do some online shopping over at:


*Photo Credit, Papergirl Collection

snazz-fest (thank you, Velveteen!)

We are obsessed with this Isabella dress from Velveteen and want to share. Velveteen is one our favorite brands and they have created such an amazing spring/summer 2016 collection. This dress is an absolute charm – too good to not share!  If you’re worried your little itty will grow out of such a fabulous piece too soon and want to make it worth it remember the dress can transition as a top over some fab pants! So, poof!, you can get another whole year or two out of it’s snazziness!

 Velveteen Isabella Dress for Little Girls

Just a heads up – this is the 2nd round of this dress. It was so popular, they ran out and had more made. So, don’t spend too much time making a decision – grab one while they are still available to grab…


*Photo Credit, Velveteen

bitsy favorite for the itsy…ROSE & REX!

Need a gift idea? Need that super sweet toy for your little one’s birthday or holiday pile to really make them go wild? Need to be the coolest aunt or uncle ever and always give your nieces/nephews their most favorite gift?! Or is it that you just need to be in-the-know about the neatest new toy on the market (like us!)?!

We’ve got the shop for you…

ROSE & REX – an online sustainable toy boutique – just launched and is a great place to stop by! You are going to wish you were a kid again after you peek through their assortment. All of the toys are eco-friendly and promote open-ended and imaginary play. Just like back in the day. The list goes on and on for Rose & Rex…their toys are all curated by teachers and education professionals, sustainable, baby-safe and like we said earlier, eco-friendly. And if you are worried about your house looking like your kids own it, don’t you worry your little design-conscious heart…these toys can all double as decorative pieces because they are that cool! (They actually may inspire you so much you can decorate around them! This is what happened to us!)

As parents and professional gift-givers, Bitsy loves how Rose & Rex’s website is organized. They make it extremely easy to search and find the perfect toy. They have all of the toys organized into categories such as “build”, “move”, “pretend”, etc. In addition, under each category they have ages you can choose to narrow your search. So if you are Uncle So-and-so from Brooklyn looking to find a hip new toy for your 8 year old nephew and have no clue what 8-year olds care about these days Rose & Rex has you covered! No return receipt needed here. And, it truly feels like you are shopping in a brick & mortar store. Say no more.

Ready for the best part (come on, Bitsy always finds the best part!)?! Each toy bought gives back to less fortunate children with Rose & Rex’s ‘Play-It-Forward’ program. Rose & Rex partners with Second Chance Toys to ensure that children in need will also get a chance to feel joy and enhance their development while learning to play with a non-biodegradeable toy that would otherwise end up in a landfill. These toys help cultivate social learning, creativity, emotional development, and fine motor skills. How wonderful it is to be able to help a child that would normally not have a chance to learn through play? Play is important and we love that Rose & Rex is on it!

As usual, Bitsy has outlined below some of our favorite products from Rose & Rex’s shop. But, hop over to Rose & Rex yourself to see what other goodies they have in stock right now! And don’t forget to keep this one bookmarked – you’re going to need them and be happy they are at your fingertips! Plus, Rose & Rex were kind enough to offer BITSY readers an adorable Rose & Rex tote bag with every purchase! Shop away!!!!

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 *Photo Credit: Rose & Rex

singing in the rain – part deux!

We promised, so we’re back with a few more rain gear picks so you and the kids can sing their way through soggy…

A very lovely Spanish company, Nobodinoz, brings us sweeter-than-sweet raincoats in a lot of “have-to-have” patterns + colors! The brand provides gorgeous lifestyle products, so you definitely need to check out their site….

Nobodinoz Raincoat, $50.82-

These items are last, but certainly not least. They are just as cute as they are practical and we want them all!

Bogs Kids Rain Boots in Stripe, $50-

Raincoat by K-Way, $58-

Cloud Backpack, $16.61-

And one more accessory to help you find a rainbow after all of these showers…

Not a Cloud in the Sky by Emma Quay children's book

Not a Cloud in the Sky by Emma Quay, $17.99-

Happy skies to you!

singing in the rain

No matter the precipitation (hoping rain…snow, get the hint already), we are L-O-V-I-N-G what we’ve rounded up for “spring showers” gear! Check out our rainy day picks so everyone will be singing in the rain (not just the kiddos!)!

We started with our favorites. A new french company named Faux Pas (we are obsessed with them!) launched these super sweet Opera Ballet Flats. The “Jam” that affixes to the top of the shoe is interchangeable. Say what?!?! Oh, and guess what? They come in ADULT sizes TOO!! There are more jams to choose from as well as other adorable product from the Faux Pas 2016 collection on, so head there to see for yourself…

Faux Pas Opera Ballet Flat with Jam Accessory, $34-

Okay, we have another favorite. GoSoaky – a new Dutch brand bringing us seriously cute and practical (we love practical up in this piece!) rain gear for the most active, most curious, rain-loving customers. Talk about gear! They will be all set with these pieces. There is so much more to GoSoaky’s 2016 spring/summer collection, so head on over…

GoSoaky Crouching Tiger Unisex Cape in Pink Dogwood, $55.77-

GoSoaky Cry Wolf Girls Jacket in Striped Allover, $75.52-

GoSoaky Elephant Man Unisex Jacket in Loden Green, $66.93-

GoSoaky Hidden Drago Unisex Pants in Vibrant Yellow, $44.60-

Wait, there’s more!!!!

Holly + Beau is another new company showing off a super fun new concept for children’s rain gear. When the piece (jacket, umbrella) gets wet (which it is supposed to, right hee hee) the pattern changes colors from white to a beautiful rainbow (ahhh, we get it!). Above are our favorite picks, but again, so much more on their site…

Holly and Beau

Believe it or not, we have MORE amazing rain gear picks for your little people, so stay tuned for another “Singing in the Rain” post tomorrow!

La La La La

two worlds collide – tattly tattoos + eric carle!

We all know it and we all love it. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. A childhood favorite read. One that we now share with our own little beings. And, oh, how Eric Carle steals our hearts with his very recognizable illustrations in this book and many others! The illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to every story told. A lover of nature, Eric Carle’s collage technique illustrations stand out and win our attention every time. There is something so comforting about his artwork.

Now there is something new for us all to love and share with our own little caterpillars. Tattly tattoos (see more of them featured on Bitsy here) and The World of Eric Carle have partnered to make The Very Hungry Caterpillar Set of temporary tattoos!! AAAA-MAZINGNESS! This collaboration is an online exclusive launching TODAY and Tattly is offering a bundle including The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book (ehh dmm, currently the most popular board book in the USA) and the Tattly set of The Very Hungry Caterpillar temporary tattoos! The bundle will come beautifully tied together with Tattly ribbon and will be delivered with a healthy serving of confetti. The bundle is a great shower, baby or birthday gift for just $29-! Head to TATTLY to purchase, but snag a peak below!

tattly tattoos and the world of eric carle

*Photo Credit: Tattly

Tattly Tattoos are FDA compliant + non-toxic, made in the USA. The book is published by Penguin Random House.

freckle baby 2.0

We are excited to share a Kickstarter Campaign that launches TODAY for our friend Kim of Freckle Baby, LLC. Project “Freckle Baby 2.0” on Kickstarter is set up to help Kim find backers to reach her goal in order that she is able to offer new product color stories to her consumer…US! Kim’s new collection is fabulous and we’re able to show you a preview below. The colorways are so vibrant + fun – a great accessory to any baby or toddler outfit.

To jog your memory, Bitsy + Freckle Baby teamed up a few weeks ago to bring you a fun giveaway. Freckle Baby has become one of Bitsy’s favorites and a necessity to all of our baby + toddler posses out there. The Freckle Baby bib is a hip, modern looking bib with a snap leash so you can attach a teething toy or pacifier. Just genius. Not only is it super adorable looking, it allows you to never have to fetch a toy or pacifier again. Okay, where do we sign up?!


Check out Kim’s campaign on Kickstarter here and be one of the first to hit up one of her “Early Bird Specials” (outlined below)! As you will see, Freckle Baby also makes sweet baby hats + blankets. The blankets include the same snap leash as well for total practicality! The gift sets and combo packs are the perfect baby gift – one purchase and you’re done! The bibs are a great gift topper and don’t forget, a life saver.


BEST EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (Limited to first 25 backers)

– $12 (normally $18) for 1 Reversible Snap Leash Teething Bib –

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (Limited to first 30 backers)

– $13 (normally $18) for 1 Reversible Snap Leash Teething Bib –

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (Limited to first 30 backers)

– $20 (normally $24) for 1 Reversible Snap Leash Teething Bib + 1 Wooden Teething Ring –

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (Limited to first 30 backers)

– $30 (normally $42) for 2 Reversible Snap Leash Teething Bib + 1 Wooden Teething Ring –

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (Limited to first 30 backers)

– $48 (normally $60) 1 GIFT SET (includes: Bib, Hat, & Blanket) –

To understand more about Kickstarter and how it works:

Kickstarter is a platform for crowd funding. The projects built on Kickstarter are usually of a design, art, graphic, and fashion nature. It is a place where creative individuals can go, set a goal, and find backers to help them make their project come to fruition. Kickstarter typically does not help promote projects, around 40% of projects on Kickstarter succeed. The success of a project on Kickstarter is based almost entirely on social media sharing to help build awareness. When a backer goes to a Kickstarter project and becomes a “backer” their credit card is placed on file with Kickstarter but Freckle Baby (or anyone else) will never see it and it is never charged unless the project reaches its target GOAL amount.

*photo credit: freckle baby, llc