Bitsy wishes you and your family a very HAPPY, HEALTHY + BRIGHT 

Holiday + New Year!

Looking forward to more styling in 2014!!


In this picture Lucy is wearing: *target “circo” white l/s tee, *everbloom studio pink dot soda circle skirt, *gap kids metallic silver ballet flats, *old navy gray cable knit tights, *chewbeads juniorbeads bleecker jr. necklace in punchy pink

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Put A “Lid” On It

Our first real “play” in the snow came a lot sooner than I expected, so I found myself not being prepared to have Lucy’s noggin covered with the right hat! I came across these adorable trapper hats for munchkins in my web travels and had to share. Not sure which color/pattern to get Lucy?! They are all so fun (and cheap!)! I do really love the neons though…

a. youth neon nylon trooper hat – yellow – $9.99-

b. youth neon nylon trooper hat – pink – $9.99-

c. y&w toddler soft nylon Russian/aviator winter hat – $8.99-

d. klondike sterling youth plaid wool blend trooper hat – $24.95-

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Spice Me Up Mom + Dad!

A few accessories for your little Miss or Mister to bring a bit of sparkle (and attention!) to their Holiday outfits…

(Also great stocking stuffers!)

mes minis muses siena collar

$36  – they offer a few options including cotton + satin (of course, this one has the most sparkle!).  they also have miniature bows to attach to your collar for a little added accessory or you can add a tiny monogram. (there’s even a video on the website showing how to wear the collars)

POST 8 - Spice Me Up Mom + Dad!

forage haberdashery union denim stripe bow tie

$38- they also come in a variety of adorable + versatile patterns – check out their site!

POST 8 - Spice Me Up Mom + Dad!

And if this little guy isn’t inspiration enough, then I’m not sure what would be! Enjoy!!

POST 8 - Spice Me Up Mom + Dad!

(Our little cousin Tommy showing off his adorable Thanksgiving outfit)


As if we couldn’t love Forage Haberdashery any more – they have kindly offered Bitsy readers a 30% discount on your purchase! Be sure to use the promotion code “BITSY” at checkout. Offer valid until January 1, 2014.

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Lucy’s a busy 2 year old – working the Holiday party circuit – so there has been a need for some festive Holiday styling.

Here is the breakdown of Lucy’s outfit pictured above…

+ my “vintage” dress (as a tunic, since it is meant for a 1 year old and would have been too short for her string bean legs as a dress)

+ a white Circo L/S tee from Target (I LOVE these – usually stock up in August/September. They are a tighter fit and don’t stretch or ride up. They are great underneath jumpers, sleeveless tunics, overalls, sweaters, etc). Similar here…

 infant + toddler girls long-sleeve tee

+ skinny Guess jeggings. Similar here…

guess kids baby girl pull on skinny knit pants

+ festive red, white + green pom-pom ribbon necklace (a homemade present from one of her best buds)

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All Dressed Up…

…And LOTS of places to go, right?!

Here are a few options for your upcoming events with the little ones…

(Heads up – I tend to steer toward classic when it comes to the Holidays)

a. vive la fete plaid silk bow dress – $139.95-

b. orient expressed boy corduroy longall (also comes in – $44-

c. baby cz velvet pearl dress (also comes in ruby) – $154-

d. la coqueta boys “bastian” look – $248.91- (this is the total cost for everything…to see an itemized list – or to get more outfit ideas – click on the link to check out their website)

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Ponchos, Capes + Capelets, OH MY!

I CANNOT get enough of these adorable classic outerwear options!  Ponchos, capes + capelets are on the scene and ready to-be-seen.  Your little one can prance around in these cozy options this Holiday season…

a. mabo children’s clothier red buffalo check hooded capelet (also comes in a grey buffalo check) – $80-

b. crewcuts girls’ reversible capelet – “coat-meets-cape” style (one side is a quilted cotton, other side is a wool red/navy buffalo check – NOW on sale!) – $228-

*The link to this capelet does not seem to be working.  In order to view this product on the crewcuts website, go to and type in the search bar “girls’ reversible capelet”.

c.  april scott wool plaid baby or toddler hooded children’s cape (she also has a corduroy option, which is super cute for the playground and she will accept custom orders as well – message her for specifics) – $62-

*The cape pictured above is currently sold out, but if you message April through her shop on Etsy she will be able arrange a custom order in a fabric of your choosing.

d. dino bebe spring poncho (comes in pale pink as well) – $60-

e. gap kids cable poncho – $39.95

have fun prancing!

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*Note the link to Nostalgic Graphic Tees on Etsy has been updated below…Sorry if you experienced any trouble earlier today linking to Elizabeth’s page. Happy Reading…

Every year my husband and I buy our nieces + nephews their Christmas Eve pajamas. This has been a fun tradition that I have a lot of creative fun planning.  However, over the past few years it has become challenging because my nephews are getting older (so my options are becoming fewer and fewer!).  Also, we now have to buy seven pairs (including Lucy, of course) which can get pricey.  I’ve had to be imaginative and really search to find some cute options.

A year ago I came across Nostalgic Graphic Tees on Etsy ( The owner/designer, Elizabeth, is wonderful and the product is fantastic!  Each tee (she also offers cotton dresses) embodies the silhouette of a child acting out a fun activity – For example, a super-hero or a ballerina. Elizabeth’s inspiration comes from her own children (love that!) and the outcome is great – beautiful designs that “capture the nostalgic, memorable moments of good, old fashioned childhood”. Last year we bought the kids the “Little Woodsman” (paired with their favorite Holiday pajama bottoms).  The long-sleeved tee (pictured below as well) displays a little boy pulling his cut-down Christmas tree on his sled…just really adorable, different + special.

Nostalgic Graphic Tees - "Tee-Licoius" Post

Nostalgic Graphic Tees has kindly offered bitsy readers a 15% discount on their order!  You must order by December 20, 2013.  Don’t forget to use the code blogs15 at checkout! Thank you, Elizabeth!

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Chew On This

Plenty of people have stopped us to adore Lulu’s chewbeads necklace, so I thought I’d share the brand with you.  A friend bought Lucy and I a strand as a ‘welcome baby’ gift and we love them!  One day in my shopping travels I came across their “juniorbeads” line (for kids of all ages). They also offer Major League Baseball necklaces (for game day!), bracelets (for the littles + the bigs) as well as teethers.  The color-way options are amazing – very versatile, but offer a fun “pop” to a mom or child’s wardrobe.

We bought it for Lucy on her 2nd birthday – she was still teething, so I thought it would be a great option for her to bite on as she bopped around. Also, she really started taking notice of my accessories so it is fun for her to have a necklace of her own. They are funky and Lulu adores rocking hers. We’ve given them as baby gifts and birthday party gifts – And, Dear Santa, they make a great stocking stuffer!

A Few Highlights:

+ Easy closure so your child can take it on and off by themselves as they please

+ Kids, not just babies can chew on them – it acts as a great distraction if your child is obsessed with putting his/her hands in their mouth

+ As your child grows, they can wear them to accessorize, like mom

+ Most important – the beads are 100% safe for your child to chew

Here is the Low-Down on the Product (From chewbeads Directly):

+ Beads are made with 100% silicone (similar to pacifiers & nipples)

+ Soft on babies gums and emerging teeth

+ Easily cleaned with dish soap & water, also dishwasher safe!

+ No BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Cadmium, or Lead

+ Necklaces have a breakaway clasp for added safety

+ Necklaces are a great sensory tool to help your baby focus while nursing

+ Bracelets are a colorful reminder of which side you’ve just nursed

Check our their website –

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I (along with anyone who knows me well) consider myself a “Type A” personality.  I am always planning ahead and checking things off my list.  However, I find that keeping up with my daughter Lucy’s wardrobe has challenged me over the past 2 years.  We are extremely lucky to not only inherit hand-me-downs from my 3 stylish nieces, but also receive a slew of vintage hand-me-downs from my Mother and Aunts.  My Mom, God bless her, saved a lot of our significant pieces – sailor-style dresses from England, “Fieldston Man Tailored” wool dress coats, “Zips” sneakers, “Osh Kosh B’Gosh” over-all jumpers and pants.  The list goes on and on! These inheritances have sometimes allowed me to neglect purchasing some of the vital pieces Lucy may need season-to-season – for example, sweaters for the wintertime.  Even though my Mom saved quite a few of mine, Lucy has needed some versatile day-to-day options that will carry her wardrobe through to the next (in this case, warmer) season. Sweaters she can be “Lucy” in that will give her a stylish look all at the same time.

 Lucy received many incredible gifts when she was first born, but one of my most favorite packages was from Petit Bateau (love from a close friend). Before I even opened the box I knew I would adore what was inside.  Petit Bateau has always been a favorite brand of mine – for myself and for children.  They pride themselves on timeless, unique style and high quality wear. One of the pieces inside the box was a beautiful wool cardigan in a putty color.  This was an extremely generous gift, but I must say that Lucy wore it the most out of any of her other clothing (so worth every penny!).  She sported it for 2 years (I just had to put it in a storage bin!) and it really was a staple in her wardrobe . I paired it with jeans/cords, as a jacket on milder days, skirts, over dresses, you name it.

Here are some sweater picks that might help your child get through these next cold months.  They can play a key role in their day-to-day active wear or act as a cozy, yet dressy option with jeans/cords/woolies/leggings/dresses/skirts on a blustery day.  Most of these options can be considered unisex…

a. petit bateau girl’s wool and cotton cable knit cardigan, $92-

b. polarn o. pyret shawl neck button sweater, $49.50

c. caramel baby & child sherbourne merino wool cardigan, $137.74

d. frankie & ava hand knitted cable cardigan, $98-

e. frankie & ava hand knitted peacoat, $124-

f. nico-nico amp pullover, $172-

g. h&m boys knit cardigan (cotton & wool blend), $24.95

h. mini bamba apparel shawl sweater, $24-

i. noro paris andre cardigan, $56.33

(side note: I’m not one to spring for luxury when it comes to my 2-year old’s sweater selection, but the higher-quality options can be put to great use and eventually be handed down.)

*Petit Bateau holds a sale in-store about 2x/year (they also send online shopping discounts via email frequently)!  Sign up to receive their information here –

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A Not-So-“Bitsy” Love for Style

This is my inspiration for starting a children’s style + clothing blog…

Lucy Blueberry Picking '13

…My daugher, Lucy And my mother, whose passion for clothing and refusal to settle for anything less than great style was passed along to my sisters and me.  The youngest of 3 girls, I have always valued the beauty of one’s style and the comfort of quality clothing. Styling clothes makes me happy!  And now, as a new mom, I have a reason to indulge in the beauty and fun of special children’s wear all the time.

But why keep it to myself? I want to share my love for children’s fashion and the extraordinary pieces I am finding along the way. I’ve spent full nap times (we all know how precious that time is!) searching for the most perfect items to fit Lucy’s blossoming style. Like my mom, I don’t want to settle for what is easy or what may be deemed “the norm”. Making Lucy feel unique and encouraging her to adopt her own way of dressing is my goal. As I try to do that, I hope that what inspires me each day can inspire you and your child’s wardrobe.

So, please fly with me through the awesome-ness of styling for the Itsy Bitsy. Wonderful, unique and fun pieces, from the lowest price points to the high are out there and I am excited to find and share them with you.

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{In this photo Lucy is wearing sneakers my sisters and I wore back in the day. I paired it with her modern “skinnies”, a Ralph Lauren sleeveless plaid polo (a hand-me-down from her cousins) and a playful neon American Apparel sweatshirt. She typically doesn’t leave home without her junior chewbeads necklace. And, since we take blueberry picking seriously, she needed to block the sun with her funky wayfarers.}